What to expect on your first visit.
Please arrive on time or 15 minutes early if you need to fill out paperwork.

1.  If you have not completed paperwork prior to your visit, you will be asked to complete initial intake paperwork.

2.  Dr. Freitag will review your paperwork and discuss with you your main complaint and health history.

3.  A focused physical examination will be performed to identify the likely cause of your pain.

4.  Treatment options and goals will be discussed and if appropirate, a chiropractic treatment or "adjustment" will be performed.

5.  Follow up plan will be outlined

6.  Dr. Freitag will provide a referral to other specialists as needed. 



Please bring any recent x-ray, MRI or CT scan images and reports and lab test results, related to the problem for which you are being seen.  

Please wear comfortable clothing (sweat/athletic pants or shorts and socks) to each visit.