Our Mission is to provide comprehensive chiropractic care with an exceptional patient experience.
Our Goal is to help you recover from pain and injury in as few visits as necessary.
We view our service as an opportunity to make a difference in the world.  


By treating your pain, helping you recover from injury and optimizing your health and wellness, we are sharing the benefits of chiropractic care with our community. 


We look forward to providing you and your family high quality chiropractic care with an incredible patient experience. 


Meet Dr. Greg Freitag
Chiropractor and Exercise Physiologist

Dr. Freitag grew up in Annapolis, Maryland, playing and loving sports.  He played goalkeeper for his high school soccer team and forward for his university rugby club team.  He studied Kinesiology at the University of Maryland and Exercise Physiology at the University of Florida.  

Before choosing a career in chiropractic, Dr. Freitag worked in clinical exercise research, exercise science and physical educaction, health and wellness, personal training, and health information technology.  

Dr. Freitag was a chiropractic skeptic until a car accident in 2001 left him with constant headaches and severe neck and back pain. 

Desperate for relief he saw a gentle chiropractor and was amazed by how good he felt after chiropractic care.  Several years later, with the support of his loving wife and family, the family moved from Maryland to Minnesota for chiropractic school.  The rest is history.  

Licenses and Certifications:
  • Minnesota Chiropractic License 
  • Advanced Proficiency Rating - Activator Methods
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist - Former
  • Health Information Technology Certification   
Professional Experience:
The Freitag Family
Tasha, Patrick, Charlotte and Landon

Dr. Freitag is supported by his amazing wife Tasha Beck Freitag, and their three children, twins Patrick and Charlotte and younger brother Landon, and their English Bulldog, Ralphie. 

Dr. Freitag loves walking, biking, fishing, dancing, laughing and anything with his family. 

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