We Provide Virtual Workstation Ergonomic Assessment, Evaluation and Recommendations
Pain and injury can come from more than just poor lifting posture. Poor workstation setup is a major contributor to workplace injury.

With many more Adults working from home and children learning from home, the demands on our body are different.  Many of us sit behind a desk, staring at a screen for hours on end to complete our daily responsibilities. Sitting or standing in one place for that many hours of the day, for weeks and months, maybe years, can have a significant impact on physical health.  If you have to look down to do work on a laptop or tablet, that places excess stress on your neck, muscles, vertebra ligaments and tendons and can contribute to tension or cervicogenic headaches.  Pain and tension in the neck, upper back, and shoulders and can even lead to sensations of numbness and tingling in your arms due to tenion placed on the nerves that emerge from your neck and run down into your arms and hands.