Chiropractic care encompasses a range of treatments that help patients with pain or injury feel better.


Chiropractors are trained to be experts in the structure and function of the human spine and extremities (arms and legs).  

Chiropractors use their hands to find parts of the spine and extremities that are not moving correctly and use their hands or an adjusting device to restore proper joint motion and function to those areas.  

The term 'Chiropractic' comes from the ancient Greek term meaning 'done-by-hand.'  



Chiropractors Assess The Structure And Function Of The Human Body
When the body is not moving correctly, often due to imbalances or injury, nerves in the area of pain send signals to the brain saying 'That hurts! Don't Do That Anymore!'


Depending on the extent of the pain or the injury, the signals received can range from a whisper to a SHOUT!!!  

Minor injuries or imbalances (whispers) may be tolerable, but often lead to further injury or disability down the road if not addressed.  

Major injuries or imbalances (SHOUTS!!!) can be painful, debilitating and often crippling.  People typically seek out chiropractic care when they reach this level of pain.   

Seek out chiropractic care before your pain starts to SHOUT!!!


Chiropractors use their hands or a device to perform spinal manipulations or adjustments to areas of the body that are not moving correctly.

When chiropractors perform these adjustments, they often twist a patient’s neck and back and a harmless crack or pop, called a “cavitation” is heard.    


Dr. Greg Freitag practices gentle chiropractic and treats patients without any twisting, popping or cracking. 


Dr. Freitag specializes in the Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique and uses the Activator V “Five” Chiropractic Adjusting Instrument to perform his chiropractic adjustments.